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published on 2/8/2020

Baby Dreams in Good Hope (a novella) will come out in May and Love Lessons in Good Hope will be released in July. That's not all. Look for another Good Hope release this year in October!!  Here's a little sneak peek into Baby Dreams in Good Hope:

Always be my baby...

Marigold Rallis is not the type to fall to pieces. The youngest Bloom sister makes managing marriage, career, and a busy life in Good Hope look easy. But looks can be deceiving. Years of struggling with infertility while her sisters fill their nurseries have started to take a toll.

It’s not just Marigold who is feeling the stress. Her husband, Cade, Good Hope’s Sheriff, is acting strange. There are unexplained trips to Milwaukee, as well as mysterious texts and calls with his former fiancée. 

Marigold’s heart tells her Cade would never cheat, but something is going on between him and his ex.  She just needs to find out what…One thing is certain: She and Cade were born to be together. Whatever new challenge is coming their way, Marigold won’t give up on Cade and their dream of building a life—and a family—together.

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