Book 11 in the “Jackson Hole”series
March 2022

Will their differences bring them together or tear them apart?

With hard work, determination and sheer grit, Cassidy Kaye has built a good life for herself in Jackson Hole. Though some don’t approve of her wild hair styles and brash ways, Cassidy proudly lives life on her own terms.

Dr. Timothy Duggan, widowed father of twin daughters, leads a quiet life. He’s not the type to participate in a Jackson Hole charity auction. But he steps up when one of his friends has to back out at the last minute.

When Cassidy is the winning bidder of a-date-with-the-doctor, Tim expects them to have little in common. He’s boring and she’s so full of life. To his surprise, they both enjoy the date.

As he spends time with Cassidy, Tim’s dull life turns bright as the Wyoming sun. Now it’s up to Tim to convince her he loves her for the woman she is and he can’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else.

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~Originally published as The MD’s Unexpected Family, this story has been completely updated for your reading pleasure~




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