Book 6 in the “Silver Creek”series
July 2022

Will four minutes from her past lead to a lifetime of heartbreak?

Eve Driskill knows what she wants. She wants to continue to add to her millions of online followers. She wants the upcoming launch of her cosmetic line to be a huge success. She wants to live happily ever after with Anson Hawkins.

Until now, she thought her biggest obstacle to love was Anson’s uptight campaign manager, Jerome. Convinced Anson needs a Jackie, not a Marilyn, Jerome has been trying to break up Eve and Anson from the start. And after the latest viral video, he might get his wish…

When an angry ex-boyfriend unleashes an online assault on Eve by posting intimate images she didn’t know existed, Eve’s world explodes. Online, the truth is irrelevant, and the haters come out in full force. Anson isn’t safe from the attacks either, and his City Council dream begins to fade.

Anson says love can conquer all, but Eve isn’t so sure. And she’ll do anything to protect the man she loves—even walk away.

Do you enjoy books where you follow characters you've grown to love into the next book in the series? The One I Need, The One I Want, and The One I Love in the Silver Creek series are very closely tied, which means you'll get the most enjoyment reading them in order!

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