Book 6 in the “Jackson Hole”series
April 2020
ASIN: B085BCX235

A doctor who placed her child for adoption years before gets a second chance to be a mother…

I chose adoption for my baby girl because I knew it was best for her. For eight years I lived for the yearly letters I received from her parents. When the letters stopped, I feared something bad had happened.

When detectives located the now motherless child and her dad, I relocated my practice to Jackson Hole to be near. I vowed to keep my distance but staying away from Chloe and her hunky contractor dad proved impossible.

Right now, I’m living the fairy-tale. But I can’t keep lying to my daughter and her dad. When the secret comes out, will that be the end…or a new beginning?

~This story was originally published as The Doctor's Not-So-Little Secret (as noted on the copyright page) It was updated (WOW-has technology changed in eight years!) as well as some of the writing was tightened. What hasn't changed is this is a heartwarming story that you're absolutely going to love!~




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