Book 1 in the GraceTown series
September 12, 2022

Deep in the forest, on a sun-drenched patch of lush green grass, surrounded by lily-of-the-valley, sits a pink house. With turrets towering like neighboring trees, and a wide welcoming front porch, the old Victorian is impossible to miss. Except that everyone in town has—everyone but Hannah Danbury.

It’s been a year since Hannah’s husband, Brian, lost his battle with cancer, just days before his thirtieth birthday. Over and over again Hannah has been told it’s time to move on. Trouble is, she’s not sure how. When her company downsizes and Hannah finds herself out of work, she moves back home to GraceTown, Maryland.

Hannah isn’t sure exactly what she’s hoping to find in GraceTown, but a mysterious pink house no one but her has ever seen isn’t it. Nor does she expect the woman living in the house—someone unknown yet still familiar to Hannah--to present her with a gift: a handwritten letter from Brian.

Who is the woman in the pink house? How did she get the letter? What is Hannah meant to do with all it reveals?

Answering these questions will lead Hannah to places—and people—she never could have imagined.

Grab your copy of this captivating story that will keep you turning the page!




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