Book 4 in the “Seriously Sweet”series
August 2019

Can a city boy and a country girl meet in the middle?

Rachel Tanner tried city life but the fast pace wasn’t for her. Returning home to small town Iowa, she built a satisfying life for herself.

Jay Nordstrom couldn’t wait to leave Millville for bigger and better. He worked hard and his network anchor star was shining brightly until an accident left him scarred and broken.

Forced to recuperate at his parents’ farm, Jay finds himself enchanted by “nurse” Rachel. It isn’t long before he’s fallen hard. Jay can’t imagine his life without her in it. And Rachel has found the love she’s been waiting for…

When the time comes for Jay to return to Los Angeles, he and Rachel must look at what sacrifices they’re willing to make for love. Will they find a way to meet in the middle? Or will this sweet interlude simply be another summer romance that ended far too soon?




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