From Waverly House
Book 4 in the “Hazel Green”series
February 2022

What happens in Chicago…

When Erika Eads last saw Wells Pomeroy, harsh words were exchanged. Fast forward eight years. After running into Wells on one of the worst days of her life, she finds herself sleeping with him!

Wells Pomeroy is many things; respected business owner, devoted single father, responsible eldest son of the politically prominent Pomeroy family. What he is not is impulsive.

With Erika back in Hazel Green, they agree that friendship is best. Still, it’s not long before people notice the spark between them. But Wells hasn’t dated since his wife died. While Erica would never try to replace her friend, she can’t live in another woman’s shadow.

When a relationship bombshell drops, rumors and gossip in their close-knit community cause Wells and Erica to questions their feelings. Wells doesn’t want to lose Erika, but can he offer her what she needs? Or will they part ways again, this time forever?


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