From Waverly House
Book 2 in the “Hazel Green”series
September 2018

Two Truths and a Lie

Cornelia “Nell” Ambrose is happy to have kissed her past goodbye. True.

She’s worked hard to forge a new, normal life for herself as an attorney in Hazel Green. True.

Nell is 100% happy on her own and not at all interested in getting serious with the town’s most eligible bachelor, Leo Pomeroy. Lie.

Mayor Leo Pomeroy has devoted his life to helping the people of Hazel Green and pleasing his prominent family—a family currently caught up in a political scandal. Though innocent, it’s up to Leo to restore their good name.

He’s convinced Nell is the perfect woman to help him do that. Smart, beautiful, and kind, Nell has become a pillar of the Hazel Green community. While his parents caution she isn’t cut out to be a “political wife”, Nell is the only woman Leo wants by his side.

Leo’s parents aren’t the only ones with concerns. Nell has her own reasons for resisting her feelings for Leo. No one knows about her life prior to Hazel Green, and when shadows of that life suddenly reappear everything Nell has come to love could be in jeopardy. Revealing her most closely guarded secret could bring her one step closer to freedom—or cost her the one man she can’t do without.


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