Return to Harmony series- #1 novella
October 2014

Second-grade teacher, Callie Goodhue, built a good life for herself in her home town of Harmony, Idaho. Successful in her career and happily surrounded by friends and family, she was content. Until the day she learned her former heartthrob, Dr. Eli Webster, was moving back to town.

Because of a past incident involving Eli and her twin sister, Callie is determined to keep her distance from the handsome doctor. That quickly proves impossible.

First, Eli moves into the cottage right next door! Then her car breaks down and he’s the one who comes to her assistance. And when a baby is left on his doorstep (with a note indicating he’s the father), Eli asks her to watch the child while he tracks down the mother. Despite her hesitation, Callie finds the offer impossible to refuse. It’s her summer break and she desperately needs the extra money for a new transmission. If Callie didn’t know better, she’d think the Almighty was deliberately throwing them together.

Yet, as she begins to get to know the grown-up Eli, Callie wonders if God has a better plan for her life than she ever dreamed possible. And the man she once thought was perfectly wrong for her is actually perfectly right.

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