From Waverly House
Book 18 in the “Good Hope”series
October 2021

Runaway Groom

Artist Izzie Deshler recognized the new doctor in Good Hope immediately. After all, how could she forget the man who’d left her at the alter all those years before? Though Izzie tells herself she’s moved on from that difficult time, all it takes is one look to have long buried memories surging.

Dr. Theo Holbrook never expected to see his long-lost love in the community that he chose to start his medical practice. The connection he experienced with Izzie all those years ago still holds power. He regrets so much of what happened back then and hopes they can start fresh.

Good Hope has a way of making strangers into friends, but can this tight-knit community on the Door Count peninsula help two lost souls see that sometimes true love deserves a second chance?

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