Book 6 in the GraceTown series
August 12, 2024

He was a man who kept his promises…

Taylor Higgs’s dad always promised that, like a compass, he may not always show her the way, but he’d be there to point her in the right direction.

During her childhood, he frequently wrote her notes of encouragement, filled with his own brand of wisdom. In the aftermath of her father's sudden passing, Taylor is adrift, grasping for guidance.

But just when she needs it most, mysterious notes start appearing in her father's coat. Each one is a beacon of his enduring love and wisdom, with messages designed to help her navigate the most challenging time in her life.

With each message, Taylor finds herself piecing together not just her grief but also her path forward. As she follows her father's words like a compass, she discovers strength, resilience, and the power of love to guide her through life's darkest moments.

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