Book 3 in the “Seriously Sweet”series
June 2019

She’s convinced her luck has run out…

Socialite Claire Waters’ charmed life came to a crashing halt in a small Iowa community. Out of money and credit, she scrambles for a way out of the one-horse town. The only bright spot in her current predicament is a former flame.

Tony Karelli knew Claire years earlier. That was before he turned his life around and became a minister. He’s shocked to see her and stunned when Claire gives everyone the impression that she’s his fiancée.

Claire is amused by the charade and by Tony’s attempt to keep her at arms’ length. Before he can set the record straight, Tony finds himself seeing a different side of the pampered heiress and falling hard. But can he convince a woman who already has one stiletto out the door that she’s right where she’s meant to be?




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