Book 5 in the “Jackson Hole”series
July 2020

Adolescent wounds vs very grown-up attraction. Toss in a small boy and mix well.

Physical Therapist Margaret “Meg” Fisher takes her responsibilities seriously. When her friends died in a car accident, she flew to Jackson Hole, knowing when she returned home it would be with her godson, Charlie.

She didn't expect to see her old boyfriend, Cole Lassiter, walk into the attorney’s office like he owned the place. She hadn’t seen Cole since high school when he broke her heart. The shock of seeing him was nothing compared to hearing the attorney say they were to be co-guardians of Charlie, with the stipulation they both live in Jackson Hole.

Cole makes it clear he wants sole custody of Charlie, but Meg isn’t about to let that happen. She loves the little boy and knows he needs a mother. If she has to put up with Cole to keep Charlie safe and happy, she’ll make the sacrifice.

Cole and Meg didn’t plan on falling in love but the attraction that was there all those years ago ignites. But to move forward together and be a family, a long-held secret will need to be revealed. One that will either destroy what they’re building or set the past to rest forever.




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