Book 4 in the “Silver Creek”series
July 2022

An ocean and a secret just as deep separated them. Will a reunion in the Mile High City provide a second chance at love?

The instant June Parker learned Cameron Driskill was in Paris, she decided to make the most of her good fortune and try to find answers to questions that were tearing her family apart. Cameron could be the key to finally finding out the truth all these years later—if she could keep her heart in check.

When Cameron was called back to the United States from Paris, he filed his time with the elusive Juin Dion under “what might have been.” Their whirlwind romance might have been intense, but he sensed Juin had been holding something back. Discovering she, too, was back in Denver sparked hope they could pick up where they’d left off.

In her quest to solve a decade-old mystery, June has made many mistakes. Before she and Cameron can move forward, she needs to come clean. Once the truth is laid bare, will their newfound love be strong enough to survive?

Do you enjoy books where you follow characters you've grown to love into the next book in the series? The One I Need, The One I Want, and The One I Love in the Silver Creek series are very closely tied, which means you'll get the most enjoyment reading them in order!

Pick up your copy of The One I Need and let this fabulous romance warm your heart today!


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