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Which one will be next?
published on 7/16/2022

I love each and every one of these series. While I consider myself to be a fairly fast writer, putting out a quality book takes time. Not only time to write, but time for editing. When I look ahead to plan my schedule of what I will write next, I have to pick and choose which books to write in what series.  The truth is I’m torn because I want to write them all!  How many new books do I average per year? About 5.

I just finished a Holly Pointe story “Snow Place Like Holly Pointe” that will be out this fall.  Immediately prior to that, I completed “The Love Token,” which is the second book in my new GraceTown series. I’m leaning toward having that book come out in the Spring.  The next book I’m writing will be set in Good Hope. I can’t wait to return to that wonderful community.

Then I’ll go back to… well, I’m not sure which series will get the nod.  Because I love them all. AACK, so many ideas, so little time!

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