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Too many series, too little time
published on 1/1/2024

I'm starting off 2024 by finishing up THE YOUTH ELIXIR, book 5 in the GraceTown series. This idea of a 92 year old who is given the chance to live her life over, came to me one night, and wouldn't let go. I'm still trying to figure out if I should release it a month or two after THE ENCHANTED MUSIC BOX, coming in March 2024, or wait until the fall.

The decision I need to make after finishing this one is what comes next.  I'm leaning toward a return to Good Hope, which is always a fun time.

The next book after that will be book 6 in the Holly Pointe series and I'll release it December 1. I already have an idea for that one.

Then, it's figuring out what comes after that one. Sometimes it's just how I feel when the moment comes to start a new book.

Like now, I had planned to return to Good Hope, but THE YOUTH ELIXIR story grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

So many series, so many books, so little time.  But what a lovely problem to have...

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