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Christmas in Good Hope time!
published on 12/14/2017

There were many things I had to consider when I began to think about starting a new small-town series, beginning, of course with the location. Instead of setting it on one of the coasts or in the South, I preferred to search for a spot in the middle part of the country, since that’s my comfort zone. I’m a proud Nebraskan, living in the very center of the USA.

Because I live in a state where there are more small towns than big cities, I know the difficulties these small communities face in terms of survival. Most have trouble even supporting a local bar, let alone a variety of small businesses that add color to a series of books. From what I’ve observed, the only smaller-sized towns that are able to thrive are ones either close to big cities or ones that are tourist destinations.

I also must admit I was also searching for something “quaint” and picturesque.” When I read an article that said Fodor’s had named Door County (Wisconsin) to its list of 10 Best Small Towns in America, I perked up. A little more research and a road trip north convinced me I’d found my location!
I placed my fictional town of Good Hope where the actual town of Fish Creek is located on the Door County peninsula.

I couldn't be happier with this location and how this series continues to develop.  If you're Amazon Prime, you can get the book for free!  Otherwise it's onsale this month for $1.99  What a deal!

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