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Being Grateful
published on 2/27/2017

I don't take for granted being able to go to the grocery store and put whatever catches my eye in the cart. In those early years, I had to add everything up as I went...and put items back if I went over what I had in the checking account. Often, we'd eat everything in the house (whether it sounded good or not) simply to make it to payday.

I remember sleeping in the basement during the summer so we didn't have to run the air conditioner (to keep the electrical bill down) and using coupons religiously at the grocery store.

Yet I also have the satisfaction of putting myself through college with no financial assistance or outside help. The pride in building a strong credit history by paying bills on time and, even when money was extremely tight, putting a little away each paycheck. 

All those early experiences make me appreciate what I have now so much more.  Yes, even something as simple as an attached garage with an opener. :) 

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