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Reading the Same Book
published on 2/6/2017

Okay, I admit it.  I'm one of those people who can read the same book more than once.  Sometimes it's deliberate.  I loved the story and want to savor it the second--or third--time through.  Other times it's unintentional.  I have no idea that it's a book I've read before. About half way through I often start to get an inkling that this might be familiar territory. This occurs when I know--absolutely know--what is going to happen next.  But, most of the time it's simply a vague thought of what "might" come next that in no way interferes with my re-reading pleasure.

Most of the time I can recall if I've seen a movie before, but often the plot is not firm in my mind which allows me to fully enjoy it again.

Interestingly, my daughter is the same way.  Maybe it's because we've both read a lot of books or seen our share of movies.  I like to blame it on all the other plots (of my own) that I have swirling in my head. Whatever the reason, for Cindy Kirk, what is old is often new again.

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