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published on 3/6/2017

When I started writing for publication, I was working full-time. Even after I sold (three years later) I continued to work AND write. As you can imagine, I had very little free time. For the past six years writing has been my full time job.  I don't regret all the years I worked in my "other" career but I have to admit I'm loving the freedom of being a full time writer. While I work hard (I'm very disciplined), I also take time to enjoy life. I love exercising first thing in the morning so I write AFTER I get home from the gym. I enjoy meeting friends for lunch and watching my youngest two granddaughters once a week while my daughter volunteers at the oldest child's school. I love taking my dog, Chico, for walks when the weather is nice. 

Best of all, I now have the time I need to write the books I love..

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