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Some V-Day Suggestions
published on 2/13/2017
First, be adventurous but avoid the crowds--and hassle--by picking an alternate day to celebrate. Near--but not on--February 14th:
1.  Embrace a Valentine's Tour de Food.  Enjoy appetizers at one restaurant, an entrée at another, and dessert at a third. Stop somewhere else for drinks.  Think outside the box. Mix up the types of restaurants. Maybe deliberately pick say, sports bars or greasy spoons. French fries can be sexy if you feed one to your sweetheart or share a chocolate shake! Speaking of sharing, to save more money, share the appetizer, entree and dessert!
2.   Plan to meet at a bar or café. Pretend you're alone on Valentine's Day and are strangers meeting for the first time. Get acquainted in a whole new way. This won't cost much and it's amazing what you can discover about each other. Perhaps you'll end up going home together!
3.  Go bowling. Enjoy red beer and cheap pizza. If you want to add more spice to the evening, engage in creative betting on what happens when you get a strike, pick up a spare or send the ball careening down the gutter.
4.  Do a movie night and watch romantic comedies from your high school days while sitting on the sofa and munching on popcorn.  If you want to add some activity of the physical kind, go for it.  It is a day for lovers, after all!
5.   Explore a different area of town.  Or, if you live in a small community, go somewhere unfamiliar that’s close by. Search for unique or beautiful settings and take pictures, together and separately. Hold hands while you explore these new areas, perhaps toss in a few kisses along the way!   
Having a fun and romantic Valentine's day isn't dependent on showy gestures or spending a wad of cash. All it requires is showing the other person they're important to you by planning some fun event you know they'll enjoy!


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