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Good Hope Update!
published on 7/20/2017

Books currently available:

Christmas in Good Hope- Amaryllis Bloom & Beckett Cross

Summer in Good Hope- Primrose Bloom& Max Brody

Be Mine in Good Hope- Marigold Bloom & Cade Rallis

Upcoming Releases:

Forever in Good Hope- Delphinium Bloom & Jeremy Rakes  Available August 15

Say I Do in Good Hope- Eliza Shaw & Kyle Kendrick       Available November 14

Marry Me in Good Hope- Hadley Newhouse & David Chapin  Available February 6, 2018

Tie the Knot in Good Hope- Lindsay Lohmeier & Owen Vaughn   Available May 8, 2018


I’ve enjoyed spending time in Good Hope.  The characters now feel like old friends and the town is one I’d really like to visit. From the following reactions, I’m not the only one feeling this way:

“I am longing to return to Good Hope.” ~Anelley~

“I can’t wait for other books from Good Hope.” ~Karen~

“Did you ever read a book and want to move to the fictional setting?” ~A.~

“I love the characters and town.” ~Barb~

But don’t take their word for it.  Get a copy of one of these books and see what the buzz is all about!



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