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Tis the Season
published on 11/3/2019

In case you haven't figured it out, the scenario I've described is my dream evening. With a few additions. My husband in his favorite recliner. Our two dogs are snuggled beside him (because if they were beside me they'd be wanting popcorn). I  absolutely adore holiday movies and books. Which is probably why I've written so many books centered around Christmas.Christmas in Good Hope. In Search of Joy. Holly Pointe & Mistletoe. Holly Pointe & Candy Canes (my middle granddaughter's favorite because there's a girl named Hannah (her name) in the story who's her same age.)

I wish for you a holiday season that is merry and bright, one filled with movies and books that bring a smile to your heart and a song to your lips. And, hopefully, one of the books that bring you such pleasure will be one of mine.

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