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Two heartwarming sweet books in one month!
published on 4/29/2019

In May, I will be releasing two books that are extra sweet and heartwarming. A Match Made in Good Hope is the sweetest book (so far) in my Good Hope series. While containing sexual tension and some kissing, this book has no consummated love scenes. You also won't find any offensive language in the pages. While most of my Good Hope books do have a love scene, this one did not (because of having a minister hero). I think you'll agree with the Goodreads reviewer who said, "This was a sweeter more innocent story than others in the series and I loved it just as much."

Later in the month, Tempted by Taylor, the second book in my "Seriously Sweet" series will release.

In both of these stories you'll find are characters who learn and grow throughout the course of the story and who are rewarded with a happy ending. I will have done my job if you close the last page on each of these uplifting stories with a smile on your face.

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