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published on 6/12/2017

Example: My senior year in high school, I applied to a surgical tech program at a community college. None of my family had attended college and, despite good grades, my guidance counselor didn't push me in that direction. I felt as if I'd aced the admission interview. To my horror, they turned me down! I actually called them to ask why they didn't pick me. The woman told me she thought I should go to a four-year college.

Which I did, eventually getting not just one bachelor's degrees but two and doing significant work on a MA.  What if I'd been accepted into that program? I have no doubt I'd have done well and liked it, for a time anyway. But when I was ready to move on, my experiences to that point would have likely led me down a different path than the one I ended up traveling.

Example: I always wanted three children but was only able to have one.  Though I loved being a mom of one, having three would have been a very different experience. The opportunities I was able to take advantage of in my professional career was possible because there was only one child in the household. I'm certain I'd have taken a different route, or not taken some at all, if my husband and I had three little ones to raise. The blessing is, now our daughter and her husband have three little girls. :) And, she's a fabulous stay-at-home mom.

If you get a chance to listen or read the commencement address, I encourage you to take the time. I think it will make you look differently at some of the twists and turns in your own life.


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