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Latest Update- New Title and New Cover
published on 8/22/2016

I'm in the middle of writing Fin's book (in my Good Hope series) when I get an email from my editor with six different cover options to consider for Marigold's book, BE MINE IN GOOD HOPE.  My editor let me know which ones he and the marketing staff like best (and the reasons) but want my thoughts. Once again their number one pick (#3 out of 6 options) was also my number one pick.  My agent responded with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #3.  Now, they will work on fine-tuning little things with that particular cover.  As soon as I have it, I'll post it on my website and on Facebook!

Then, my agent called to say when she was speaking with my editor about a different matter, a name change of the book I'm currently writing came up.  She asked what I thought of changing the name of Fin's book from MARRY ME IN GOOD HOPE to FOREVER IN GOOD HOPE?  I liked both titles so I was cool with the change.

So, look for BE MINE IN GOOD HOPE in January, 2017 and FOREVER IN GOOD HOPE in August, 2017. 

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