From Harlequin Mediterranean Nights Continuity
August 2007
ISBN 978-0-373-38962-9

When Trish Melrose boards a cruise ship in Athens, she has a list of everything she needs to accomplish before the ship enters its final port.  Convincing Greek businessman Theo Catomeris to accept the deal she’s offering is at the top.  But when she meets the hunky Greek, business suddenly takes a backseat to play….

Theo Catomeris may not want anything to do with his wealthy father but he finds himself intrigued by his father’s latest emissary—red-headed American Trish Melrose.  There’s no way Theo is going to agree to his father’s proposition.  But if Trish has something a little more personal she’d like to propose, he’s definitely interested.

It’s a shipboard romance, not meant to be anything more.  But under the blue Mediterranean sky, lust starts to feel a lot like love and the promise to simply walk away at the end becomes a promise that suddenly seems impossible to keep.

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