From Harlequin Special Edition
Book 7 in the “Rx For Love” mini-series
February 2013
ISBN: 978-0-373-65725-4

Ms. Right...Was Right Under His Nose!

Betsy McGregor is down on her luck--and pretty down on love, too. Besides being out of work for so long, she'd also harbored a secret crush on Ryan Harcourt since forever. When she finally lands a job, Betsy finds herself not only working for the handsome lawyer she's always loved, but also agreeing to play matchmaker for him And vice versa!

But the more time Ryan spends trying to find Betsy a match, the more he realizes he really wants her for himself. Could true love have been right in front of him all along? If Ryan can ever get Betsy to admit her real feelings, they could just find themselves saying "I do" this Valentine's Day.

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