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Love always finds a way

Lindsay Lohmeier’s life is no bed of roses. After struggling at a job she loved, but ultimately lost, she opened her own florist shop in Good Hope. Her budding business won’t be her only new addition. Lindsay is pregnant. While she’s happy to open her heart to her baby, opening up to the father is another story.

The last thing Owen Vaughn expected to hear was that he was going to be a father—again. He’s been down this road before and it ended in pain so devastating he thought he’d never heal. Still, he won’t abandon his child or Lindsay, the woman who--before they broke up--had been a bright spot during his darkest days.

Owen proposes, but Lindsay wants her child to grow up in a family built on love, not obligation. As they spend time together preparing for the baby, old feelings resurface. Owen encourages Lindsay to find her own way, hoping she’ll see this pregnancy has given them something special…a second chance at love.




        Newest Release


Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love when temps drop down into the seventies (and lower)!!  It's purr-fect writing weather. I finished up the next book in my Good Hope series (to be released February 2019) and started on another Good Hope book.  But this month, it's Hazel Green, not Good Hope on my mind. I'm celebrating the release of ONE STEP AWAY! It's a fabulous, heartwarming romance about new beginnings and finding your true self. Pick up a copy today!! 


Thanks for all the kind words about TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE.  I'm warmed by your praise as the Good Hope series is near and dear to my heart. Like many of you I wish I could move there. Since I can't,  I'm doing the next best thing. This month I'm writing, REUNITED IN GOOD HOPE. This story will be released in February! 


It's my birthday month and I'm so excited that TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE will be released during my favorite month! This book brings you back to Good Hope for another happily-ever-after. If it’s your first time visiting, odds are it won’t be your last. Readers rave about this small-town romance series and once you read Lindsay and Owen’s story, you’ll understand why. 


It's been HOT, HOT, HOT here in Nebraska and it isn't even summer!!  And, I've been hot on the writing trail.  TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE will be out July 30th and is available for pre-order now! The audio version of ONE FINE DAY will be available by the mid-June.  ONE STEP AWAY, book two in the Hazel Green series is with the editor.  I'm keeping myself busy writing HOLLY POINTE AND MISTLETOE, which will be released November 20th.  


The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE is available for pre-order!!  I think you're really going to like  this book. Wait, I think I've said that about all the Good Hope books.  But, truly, I'm just so doggone proud of all of them!! 


No April Fools here! I've been busy putting the finishing touches on TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE which will be released in July.  I'm also writing ONE STEP AWAY, the second book in my Hazel Green series. Nell and Leo's story will come out September 25th and I think you're really going to like it!!


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