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Emotions run high when July Greer finds herself giving birth in the ER and the doctor delivering her son is her one and only one-night stand. July had told herself they’d both moved on. But seeing David again awakens all kinds of new feelings.

David Wahl had been going through some tough times after the death of his wife when he met July in Chicago last year. Try as he might, he hasn’t been able to forget her. Now, here she was in Jackson Hole delivering a baby. His baby?

She says no, but his heart says yes.

It’s not long until they realize they’ve been given a precious gift—a second chance at love!




        Newest Release


So excited for the release of SWEET HOME JACKSON HOLE this month!  I know you're going to love this heartwarming story of second chances. Don't forget that A FAMILY AFFAIR IN GOOD HOPE and THE ANGEL IN THE SQUARE are both up for preorder!


April is a birthday month in our family. Our daughter and two of three granddaughters have birthdays in April. The middle girl was supposed to be born in April, but came fashionably late on May 2 instead! I love celebrating with them and seeing all the changes in them from one year to the next. Although I don't have a book out this month I'm looking forward to a new Jackson Hole release--Sweet Home Jackson Hole--that will be out May 1.  And, I don't know about you, but I'm also looking forward to warm sunny weather!  


I'm happy dancing about the release of THE LOVE TOKEN!  This book touched my heart and I believe it's going to touch yours, too.  I have to say that I'm absolutely loving the books in my new GraceTown series. I just finished writing THE ANGEL IN THE SQUARE and will soon start on book 4 in that series.  These enchanting stories are a perfect mixture of romance, friendship, and magical moments set in a community known for unexplainable happenings. Check them out!


Happy February!  I'm excited about this month because we get to return to Good Hope! This latest Good Hope release, THIS THING CALLED LOVE IN GOOD HOPE, is a touching story of two opposites who make the perfect match. If you haven't read all the books in the series, no worries. Each book in the Good Hope series can be read as a standalone romance.  Wondering why all the buzz about this popular series? Pick up a copy of This Thing Called Love in Good Hope and start reading today.


A new year means lots of new heartwarming stories coming your way!  What's on tap for 2023?  February will see the release of an uplifting Good Hope book, THIS THING CALLED LOVE IN GOOD HOPE. You don't want to miss this one! March will bring the second book in the GraceTown series, THE LOVE TOKEN. This story will definitely tug at your heartstrings. In May we return to Jackson Hole with SWEET HOME JACKSON HOLE, then it's back to Good Hope in July for A FAMILY AFFAIR IN GOOD HOPE. Phew, we've barely made it half a year and my head is already swimming. More on the second half of the year (which is equally great) when I have more time--and space!


Ho-ho-ho!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the release of SNOW PLACE LIKE HOLLY POINTE.  Bring some kindness and joy into your life this holiday season by reading this holiday heartwarmer.


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