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Quirky Faith Pierson loves her life in rural Vermont. Especially in December when she throws herself into the local holiday festivities.

Widower Graham Westfall doesn’t have time for Christmas. After missing the mark on his last ad campaign by a New York mile, his job now hangs in the balance. He has one month to come up with a new campaign or he’s out. He arrives in Holly Pointe planning to work the month away while his twin daughters spend time with their grandmother.

When he discovers there’s no room at Gramma Ginny’s Inn, his only choice of lodging is the one place in Holly Pointe he doesn’t want to be…the Candy Cane Christmas House.

Holiday Party Central accurately describes the home where Faith and her Grandmother live. Under this roof there are cookies to bake, lessons to learn and love to embrace. If a romance between an artist and an ad executive can’t bloom at this time of year…then when?




        Newest Release


I don't know about you but I'm head over heels in love with the holidays.  That's why I love writing Christmas stories.  This month, HOLLY POINTE & CANDY CANES, hits the shelves. You'll love this book which one reader says "is like reading a Hallmark Christmas movie." If you're like me, one book won't be enough to satisfy your desire for Christmas romance. May I suggest you unwrap some (or hey, why not all?) of my Christmas romances: IT STARTED WITH JOY, HOLLY POINTE & MISTLETOE and CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE.   Wishing you only the best in this wondrous season!


It's November and holiday madness here I come. My mood shift began in October with the release of THANKFUL IN GOOD HOPE. Now, this month,  I'm excited about IT STARTED WITH JOY,  a heartwarming story guaranteed to have you humming Christmas carols around the house. And I don't want you to forget that CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE and HOLLY POINTE & MISTLETOE are available to get you in your own happy holiday frame of mind.  


I'd love this month even if it wasn't filled with happy news. Like the fact that basically the entire GOOD HOPE SERIES IS ON SALE for one entire week! Or the fact that one of my favorite books, THANKFUL IN GOOD HOPE is now available for sale! Yep, I'm happy dancing in Nebraska.


September kicked off with the release of ONE & ONLY YOU, the third book in my Hazel Green series. But be aware that each of these books, actually all my books, can stand alone. You don't have to have read other books in the series to enjoy the one you're reading. I absolutely LOVE this story and think you will, too!


ROMANCING RACHEL, one of my Seriously Sweet romances, is out this month! I love to see these characters enjoying life in a small Iowa town. As far as baking a pie, I'll let you in on a little secret--I've never made one. (Unless you count one made with chocolate pudding in a premade cracker crumb crust)  If you like your romances sweet, real and heartwarming, pick up a copy of this book!


July is one of my favorite months for so many reasons. It's my birthday month--yayyy!  I always attend the Romance Writers of America national conference--this year it's in NYC so another yayyy!  I also usually have a new Good Hope release and this year is no exception. Pick up your copy of SPARKS FLY IN GOOD HOPE...a fabulous story available in Kindle, Print and Audio!  


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