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Free-spirited Oaklee Marshall loves living life on her own terms. She once thought she’d found Mr. Right but realizes now he was oh-so-wrong for her.

Oaklee’s joie de vivre and larger-than-life personality captured Isaak Cochran’s attention from his first day in Good Hope. Isaak grew up in chaos, so tradition and stability are important to him. Still, there’s something about Oaklee he can’t resist.

An impulsive bet to walk in each other’s shoes for a week propels each into an unfamiliar world. Will the experience and knowledge gained, push them further apart? Or will it show them that love—true love—is more than capable of bridging the gap between two very different hearts?




        Newest Release


THE REAL MR. RIGHT IN GOOD HOPE releases this month and you're going to love this heartwarming romance!. Oaklee has been a fun character since the day she arrived in Good Hope in TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE. What's next on my writing agenda? Well, I should be getting the edits back on Izzie Deshler's story (TOGETHER IN GOOD HOPE Oct 2021) any day now.  In the meantime, I'm writing Book 4 in the Hazel Green series, NO ONE LIKE HER. 


July is a happenin' month! On July 5, LOOKS LIKE LOVE takes us back to Jackson Hole for Mary Karen and Travis's heartwarming friends-to-lovers story. It's one an early reader has called "another Jackson Hole hit!"  In addition to that splendid news, ONE FINE DAY, the first book in my Hazel Green series is available all month for only $.99.  Lastly, well, my birthday may not arrive until the end of the month, but I'm celebrating all July long!


This is an exciting month.  WHEN YOU CAME ALONG, the final book in my Seriously Sweet St. Louis series is released AND books 2-4 in my Good Hope series can be yours for only $.99 EACH!  What am I doing? I'm loving the warm (but not hot) weather and busy finishing up the edits on THE REAL MR. RIGHT IN GOOD HOPE, which will come out in August. This heartwarming story is sure to be another favorite in the Good Hope series.


Why spoil a beautiful spring day with a book that brings you down? Especially when I have two seriously sweet romances coming out this month that will keep you turning the page and leave you with a smile on your face?  SUNSHINE IN YOUR SMILE  and MAKE ROOM FOR LOVE are the latest additions to my Seriously Sweet St Louis series.


April is "the" birthday month in our family with a total of three birthdays in a span of a week! In addition to eating my weight in cakes and birthday pies, I've been busy writing my next book in the Good Hope series, THE REAL MR. RIGHT IN GOOD HOPE (coming in August). This is Oaklee's book and I think we can agree that she's waited long enough for her happy ending.  For now, I'm getting ready to launch more books in my Seriously Sweet St Louis series. WITH JUST ONE KISS is out this month. May will see two more releases in this heartwarming series: SUNSHINE IN YOUR SMILE and MAKE ROOM FOR LOVE while WHEN YOU CAME ALONG will be headed your way in June. Then we return to Jackson Hole in July for Mary Karen and Travis's story: LOOKS LIKE LOVE!  Whew, I think I need a nap.


It's March and I'm rejoicing that the snow is gone! My fingers are crossed it won't return until, well, next December! A white Christmas would be okay with me. I'm celebrating all month because the three books in my new Silver Creek series  (JUST SAY YES, CAN'T SAY NO & DON'T SAY MAYBE) are now available. One early reviewer likened the series to a potato can't read just one. Grab your copies and see if you agree!


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