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Natalia Costa doesn’t know what caused her car to careen off Lake Shore Drive. The crash didn’t take her life, but it did take her job, her home, and three months of her memory. When a picture of a handsome stranger sparks a familiar feeling, Natalia is certain this mystery man can help her fill in the blanks.

Luther Gannon likes being a loner, even if his Good Hope neighbors don’t. Experience has taught him that getting close to people often ends in heartbreak. While it’s nearly impossible to live privately in the close-knit community, Luther has managed to keep his painful past out of the public eye--until Natalia Costa turns up in the town square.

Luther never dreamed he would see Natalia again, not after the way their short-lived relationship had ended. He can’t ignore her plea for help or his desire for a second chance with Natalia. But even if Luther can help her remember their past, how will he explain the one night he has been trying to forget?




        Newest Release


Happy Month of May!  I'm loving the rain, the signs of spring, and the fact that there is a new Good Hope book out this month!  REMEMBER ME IN GOOD HOPE is a not to be missed addition to the series. 


In our family, April is birthday month and we're celebrating all month long!  My daughter and two (out of three) granddaughters were born in April. It's also the release month of THE FIVE DATE CHALLENGE. Do you know why I love this story so much? It's because it involves family and there isn't anything I like better than a love story in the context of home and family. Even if you don't have any birthdays to celebrate this month, pick up a copy of this wonderful book and celebrate Noah and Josie finding their happily ever after! 


Today it's supposed to hit 73 where I live and I'm happy dancing. This winter has been relatively mild but I'm ready for the cold to be gone-gone-gone.  Not to say we're out of the woods yet. The year my middle granddaughter was born it snowed on May 2!!  I'm also happy dancing because one of my fav Jackson Hole books releases on the 24th.  A DOCTOR'S PROMISE is an utterly enchanting romance you won't want to miss. Also, BE MINE IN GOOD HOPE is on sale for only $.99 all month. You'll love Marigold and Cade's story...Grab your copy today!


Ah, it's the month for love... WAIT, isn't every month the one for love?  I like to think so. This month I'm bringing you NO ONE LIKE HER, the fourth book in my Hazel Green series.  Don't worry if you haven't read the others, each book can stand alone. But I have a feeling once you've read one, you'll want to go back and read them all. I'm also happy to announce that an anthology (ONCE UPON A FRIENDSHIP) containing the 3rd book in the Hazel Green series hit the USA Today Bestseller list!  I'm happy dancing in Nebraska!


January brings us back to Jackson Hole with ALL THE RIGHT REASONS.  You're going to love this captivating story.  Look for three more Jackson Hole books in 2022!  This month also marks the release of ONCE UPON A FRIENDSHIP.  This Reader Appreciation anthology gives you 10 full-length heartwarming novels of love and friendship for only $.99  It's available for only a limited time, so grab your copy now! Oh, and I didn't want to fail to mention all proceeds will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!


December is one of my favorite months...not because of the weather (hint: I'm not a big fan of snow) but because of all the holiday movies. The reason I love Hallmark and now GAC Family movies are because if I'm going to watch a movie, I want a happy ending. Whether in film or books, I don't want to get to the end and feel sad. That's why I write romance novels because a happy ending is guaranteed. I love writing Christmas stories and have quite a few for you to choose from (or better yet, read them all!) My new box set CHRISTMAS WITH KIDS includes three of my favorites. Also, the first book in my Good Hope series, CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE is on sale all month for only $.99! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season.


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