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This Spring Box Set contains FOUR full-length novels from four different series as well as a bonus novella. You’ll save nearly 70% when you buy this set for only $6.99!

Here’s what you’ll find inside these four full-length heartwarming novels:

Say I Do in Good Hope: “Say I Do in Good Hope has all the small town warmth and charm that I adore in this series.”

One & Only You: “This story is about building a relationship based on trust; and there is passion between this couple--all of the elements of a fabulous read!"

Say Yes to a Second Chance: "Did you ever have a moment as a teenager that made you feel strongly that the guy was yours, but he is your friend's boyfriend? In this charming book of second chances, that guy comes back. "

Her Ten-Year Secret: "This story has the type of magic you find in other romances by this author. She takes a simple romance and adds truth, honesty, compassion...

Don’t forget the bonus novella!

Baby Dreams in Good Hope: “Read it, cherish it and keep a tissue handy. A must-read for any Good Hope fan!”




        Newest Release


An exciting month for releases. My first ever box set is out but grab it now because it's only available in May.  Want to read the sweet novella that readers are loving? Pick up a copy of BABY DREAMS IN GOOD HOPE.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


I love April for so many reasons.  Three of my favorite family members celebrate their birthdays this month, the trees are budding and the air (most days anyway) is warm. On the book side, HEALING THE DOCTOR'S HEART is out this month!!  This heartwarming romance is sure to make you smile. 


So excited to get another book in the Jackson Hole series into your hands! SAY YES TO A SECOND CHANCE will be released on March 10th! It's a heartwarming story of love a long time in the making. Don't miss this one!


Treat yourself to a little warmth and kindness this February. BACHELOR GAMES IN GOOD HOPE will be out on February 11.  While you're picking up that copy,  look at the two other Good Hope books centered around Valentine's Day--BE MINE IN GOOD HOPE and REUNITED IN GOOD HOPE.  I know you'll love all 3!


I don't know about you but I'm head over heels in love with the holidays.  That's why I love writing Christmas stories.  This month, HOLLY POINTE & CANDY CANES, hits the shelves. You'll love this book which one reader says "is like reading a Hallmark Christmas movie." If you're like me, one book won't be enough to satisfy your desire for Christmas romance. May I suggest you unwrap some (or hey, why not all?) of my Christmas romances: IT STARTED WITH JOY, HOLLY POINTE & MISTLETOE and CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE.   Wishing you only the best in this wondrous season!


It's November and holiday madness here I come. My mood shift began in October with the release of THANKFUL IN GOOD HOPE. Now, this month,  I'm excited about IT STARTED WITH JOY,  a heartwarming story guaranteed to have you humming Christmas carols around the house. And I don't want you to forget that CHRISTMAS IN GOOD HOPE and HOLLY POINTE & MISTLETOE are available to get you in your own happy holiday frame of mind.  


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