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Abigail Fine learned early in life it’s hard to get ahead when you start with nothing. She hoped serving as a surrogate would allow her to not only help a friend, but jump-start living her own dreams.

Jonah Rollins always considered himself a loyal friend and an honorable man. Until he made a decision that destroyed a long-standing friendship and eventually, his marriage.

When life threw her a curveball, Abby did the only thing she knew how: the right thing. Her life might look a whole lot different than she imagined, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, five years later, the past has come calling. Life’s presented Abby with an even bigger challenge: one that will test her capacity to forgive . . . or force her to close her heart forever. But Abby and Jonah just might discover that there are no bounds to how wide her heart can open or how deep his love can run.


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        Newest Release


It's been HOT, HOT, HOT here in Nebraska and it isn't even summer!!  And, I've been hot on the writing trail.  TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE will be out July 30th and is available for pre-order now! The audio version of ONE FINE DAY will be available by the mid-June.  ONE STEP AWAY, book two in the Hazel Green series is with the editor.  I'm keeping myself busy writing HOLLY POINTE AND MISTLETOE, which will be released November 20th.  


The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE is available for pre-order!!  I think you're really going to like  this book. Wait, I think I've said that about all the Good Hope books.  But, truly, I'm just so doggone proud of all of them!! 


No April Fools here! I've been busy putting the finishing touches on TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE which will be released in July.  I'm also writing ONE STEP AWAY, the second book in my Hazel Green series. Nell and Leo's story will come out September 25th and I think you're really going to like it!!


March may have come in like a lion, but I'm happy anyway. I just finished writing TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE and I absolutely love it.!  Lindsay and Owen's story will be out 7/30/18 and not only will you  be able to catch up with all your favorite Good Hope people, you'll see Gladys, Ruby and Katherine doing what the three older ladies do best...playing matchmaker!!


It seems fitting that during the month of love I should have not one, but two books releasing!  In a continuation of the popular Good Hope series, MARRY ME IN GOOD HOPE will be out on February 6th and on February 20th, a new series set in Hazel Green, Illinois will launch with the release of ONE FINE DAY.  In lieu of flowers and candy, consider the availability of these books as my heartfelt gift to you! 


Happy New Year!!  The start of a new year is always exciting to me.  In looking back over 2017, I discovered I'd written a lot of books that I absolutely adore. One of those books, MARRY ME IN GOOD HOPE, will be released on February 6. Right now, if you pre-order you'll save 20%!!  Returning to my friends in Good Hope is one of most favorite things to do. I know you're going to love David and Hadley's story!


Wow!!  It's the last month of the year.  How did that happen? Here's a quick update. MARRY ME IN GOOD HOPE  is now available for pre-order. Hadley's story will be released February 6th!  The first book in a new series, ONE FINE DAY, will be released in March. Trust me, you'll love it!  No worries. I'm not saying good-bye to Good Hope. I'm currently writing Lindsay's story, TIE THE KNOT IN GOOD HOPE. Look for it this summer!


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