Lexi turned the car onto a graveled drive and John’s gaze was drawn to the large log home at the base of the mountain, tucked away in a forest of trees.

“Is that Wildwoods?”

Lexi smiled. “Home Sweet Home.”

“It’s huge,” John said.

“It’s pretty big.” A smile tipped the corners of Lexi’s lips. “Last summer we began doing weddings.”

“Weddings?” Unexpectedly and without warning, an image of him in a tux standing in front of an altar filled with flowers surfaced. But it was gone so quickly he couldn’t be sure it ever existed.

“Destination weddings are all the rage and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful venue,” she said. “In the summer the wildflower garden is perfect for outdoor ceremonies. We also do quite a few inside in the great hall. Most of those couple exchange vows in front of the stone fireplace.”

Her expression turned dreamy and the attraction he’d felt at the hospital slammed into him with all the subtlety of a ton of bricks. However, for all he knew this woman he found so attractive could have a boyfriend or be married. And…so could he.



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