January 2022

Ten of your favorite bestselling authors have come together to bring you ten novels of family, friendship, and love.

These feel-good books will have you cheering, dreaming, and anticipating the next great read as you work your way through the tears and triumphs.

Be inspired by dynamic characters as they explore the complexities of family, learn what it really means to be a friend, and find their own personal happiness. A touch of heartbreak, a smattering of laughter, and more than a little happily ever after—all awaiting you.

From Ashley Farley’s southern charm to Cindy Kirk’s sweet hometown romance, get ready for your next favorite book. And your next. And your next.

The Whisper in Wind by Rachel Bloome: With the help of a quirky, close-knit community, two polar opposites find love, friendship, and family while healing old wounds.

Wishing Beach by Heather Burch: Shattered by a difficult divorce, one woman reimagines her life after moving to a very special beach.

Longing for Love by Debra Clopton: A struggling author is sent to an inn on Sunset Bay where the beautiful owner helps him find his writing mojo … and a whole lot more.

Home for Wounded Hearts by Ashley Farley: A cast of memorable characters form new bonds of friendship as they face a host of life’s challenges.

Mother of Pearl by Kellie Coates Gilbert: How far will a mother go to save her daughter?

Paws & Pastries by Barbara Hinske: When Clara Conway’s cross-country trip away from her cheating husband is interrupted by car trouble right before Thanksgiving, she soon learns that being stranded in a welcoming small town may be the best holiday gift of all.

A Road Trip to Remember by Judith Keim: A woman and her granddaughter take a road trip and discover new possibilities for everything they’ve ever wanted.

One and Only You by Cindy Kirk: Friendship leads to romance in this heartwarming story of second chances.

In Over Her Head by Terri Osburn: Chasing her dreams, a talented chef lands on tiny Anchor Island and learns the true meaning of love and family.

Promise Me Provence by Elizabeth Thompson: Devastated by loss, a woman redesigns her life and gets a second chance at happiness.




Uplifting, charming, and totally heartwarming romance