From Silhouette Special Edition
Book 3 in the “Meet Me in Montana” trilogy
November 2009 
ISBN 978-0-373-65491-8

Lauren Van Meveren came to Big Sky country to complete the research for her dissertation. Unlike her two friends who unexpectedly found their perfect matches in Sweet River, Lauren has no illusions there’s a happily-ever-after for her in the Montana stars. The daughter of two prominent academicians, Lauren’s career path was determined long ago.

Widower Seth Anderssen vowed on his wife’s deathbed that he wouldn’t marry again until their daughter was grown. But when Lauren temporarily moves in to help him care for his injured child, keeping his heart safe proves an impossible task. But Seth is a man of his word, and he’ll keep his promise… even if that means the woman he’s grown to love can never be his.

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